The songs from the Retro perspective collection (statements with the content), what we experienced, what young people are experiencing now and in the belief that they will similarly experience generations of similar age in the future and the selected subtitle "Well, why not follow their heart" were created as a reflection the social situation and the relaying of the author's emotional state in the moments that prevailed upon him and his generation in the period of the mid-eighties until today. The author of the decision to write and issue in book form accepts when he decides to celebrate his fifty years in a different, not everyday way. At the celebration, he gives his own poetry collection to his friends, which he also partly also plays on the same occasion.

About the author

Darko Grgič graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, and postgraduate specialist studies at the Faculty of Management in Koper. In his professional career, he has always faced challenges in the sphere of corporate transformation and management, and he is also operating in the management of society today. It actively participates primarily in circles and societies whose purpose is to deepen good human relations and provide the necessary assistance.